Fighting against viral threats

De Souza lab is a research laboratory based at the University of Kentucky that studies emerging viruses as well as their consequences on human health. PLOT My Science worked closely with De Souza Lab to design and build a compelling lab website that communicates the lab’s culture and research scopes, optimizing its digital presence

Team website

  • About us
  • Research
  • Team
  • Carrers
  • Publications


  • Establish online presence
  • Foster collaboration and lab members recruitment
  • Communicate scientific discoveries
  • Convey the lab’s mission and values


  • Responsive website
  • Digital brand identity
  • Full package logo

De Souza Lab identity, research, and impact

De Souza lab is committed to groundbreaking research and building a diverse and inclusive future. We’ve crafted a vibrant identity that reflects the lab’s commitment to both scientific discovery and human resource training

De Souza lab website

For this project we created a logo that symbolizes their scientific research, used bold typography that amplifies the lab communication, colors and original illustrations that convey the lab story. De Souza lab website presents its culture, values, and research scope through an intuitive and clean design