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PLOT My Science aims to create impactful websites for professors, academics, researchers, and students. We believe that a good scientific website must render meaningful visual content that truly aligns with cohesive textual information and really translate what you investigate. We have the philosophy that one website style do not fit all, and there is always an effective way to communicate your science using good design

Jacqueline Tida

“We work with scientists, academics, and professors to tell their research stories with clarity and confidence, engaging both peers and the public through beautiful lab websites”

Jacqueline Tida, MSc

Web designer

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Web Design

Lab website, visibility is crucial

Make a compelling first digital impression
Improve recruitment of lab members
Share your research and lab culture
scientific illustrations for lab websites

Illustration, digested science

Translate ideas into captivating stories
Make complex concepts clear and accessible
Communicate your discoveries efficiently

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