8 Must-Have Features for a Successful Research Lab Website

Jacqueline Tida
8 min read
8 Must-Have Features for a Successful Research Lab Website

Struggling to attract top talent to your lab? Maybe your website isn’t doing its job. A well-crafted research lab website is a magnet for brilliant minds, but it needs the right features to shine. Whether your goal is showcasing recent discoveries or recruiting the next generation of scientists, your website needs to be informative, engaging, and up-to-date. So, buckle up as we disclose the 8 must-have features to turn your lab website into a recruitment powerhouse (or achieve your specific website goals)!

Lab website contact information

1. Lab website contact information

Don’t skimp on the contact information! It might seem obvious, but many lab websites lack it. Make it easy for potential collaborators, students, or journalists to reach you by providing:

Email address
Office phone number (optional, if you prefer email inquiries)
Lab address
Social media profiles (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn)
Contact Form (optional. for easy website inquiries)

Including your contact information in the footer and on a dedicated “Contact Us” page is ideal for optimal accessibility. This will ensure you don’t miss out on valuable connections or opportunities like speaking invitations or promising postdoc applications. By making it easy to reach you, you open the door to collaboration and scientific advancement!

Creating an informative About us page for lab website

2. Creating an informative About us page

Just like businesses showcase their products and services, your research group’s website needs a strong lab mission statement. This statement should clearly outline your research goals and the specific field of knowledge you’re advancing.

Why is this important? Think of your website as the story of your research journey. A compelling mission statement captures the attention of colleagues and potential students, sparking their interest in your work and future ambitions.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to own your research narrative. By clearly articulating your mission, you’ll attract the ideal collaborators and the best-matched students to join your research projects!

Increase visibility for your Team page

3. Increase visibility for your Team page

A great lab website not only showcases your work, but also empowers your team members. A dedicated Team Members page is a fantastic opportunity to highlight their roles and contributions to your research projects.

We’ve observed that this page is one of the most visited on research lab websites. Potential students are often eager to see who they might be working with, so make a good impression!

Here’s how to make your Team Members page stand out:

Include a brief bio for each team member, highlighting their research expertise and current focus areas
List their specific roles within the lab (e.g., graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, technician)
Consider including photos for a more personal touch

For past members who significantly contributed to your research journey, you can also include them in a separate “Former Lab Members” section. This demonstrates the lab’s collaborative spirit and potential for future success.

By showcasing your team, you not only give credit where credit is due, but you also make your lab a more welcoming and attractive environment for potential collaborators and future generations of researchers.

Crafting a captivating research page

4. Crafting a captivating research page

The research page is often the first impression visitors get of your lab. It’s your chance to showcase your expertise, attract collaborators, and establish yourself as a leader in your field.

But how can you ensure your research page is truly engaging and informative? Here are some key tips:

Start Strong: Briefly summarize your lab’s core research goals in a way that’s clear and impactful for a broad audience. Consider potential readers like journalists, interdisciplinary students, or even collaborators from outside your specific field
User-Friendly Structure: Break down your research projects into well-defined sections with concise and easy-to-understand explanations. Remember, online users often scan, so prioritize clarity and avoid lengthy text blocks
Visual Appeal: Don’t underestimate the power of visuals! Incorporate images, infographics, or even videos to illustrate your research and make it more engaging for visitors
SEO Optimization: Include relevant keywords throughout your research page to improve search engine visibility. This will help potential collaborators and students who are actively searching for research in your field discover your lab
Strengthen Your Research Impact: Conclude your research page with links to relevant articles and publications related to your work. This not only adds credibility but also encourages citations and strengthens your research footprint

By following these tips, you can create a research page that effectively communicates your expertise, captivates visitors, and positions your lab at the forefront of your field.

Lab website for all devices

5. Lab website for all devices

Everyone accesses the internet with their phones, and the younger generation uses them for everything, including research and job applications. Don’t miss out on reaching this critical audience by having a website that becomes unusable on smartphones and tablets.

Responsive design ensures your website seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes, providing a smooth user experience for visitors on any device. This accessibility is crucial for attracting collaborators, students, and anyone interested in your research.

Acknowledge your funding support

6. Acknowledge your funding support

Many research projects rely on external funding to achieve their goals. If your lab benefits from grants, fellowships, research contracts, or institutional support, be sure to acknowledge them on your website. Here’s why it matters:

Proper Credit: It shows respect and appreciation to the funding agencies or institutions that have supported your research
Increased Visibility: Mentioning specific funding sources can increase their visibility, potentially attracting future collaborations or donations
Credibility Boost: Highlighting your funding demonstrates your lab’s competitiveness and the value of your research endeavors

The most common way to acknowledge funding is with a dedicated “Funded By” section on your website. Here, you can list the specific funding agencies, institutions, or programs that support your research, along with any relevant grant numbers or award details.

By properly acknowledging your funding support, you not only show gratitude, but also enhance the credibility and visibility of your research efforts.

Leverage your lab website for postdoc openings

7. Leverage your lab website for postdoc openings

Finding qualified candidates for postdoctoral positions can be a challenge. But your lab website can be a powerful recruitment tool! Here’s how to attract the best and brightest researchers:

Post Open Positions Clearly: Don’t leave potential candidates guessing. Clearly advertise your postdoctoral openings on a dedicated “Positions Available” page on your website
Craft a Compelling Job Description: This is your chance to sell your research group and the position. Write a clear and concise description that outlines the specific research project, key responsibilities, required qualifications, and desired skills

Here are some tips for writing a compelling job description:

Focus on the Research: Clearly explain the project’s goals and the scientific impact of the position
Highlight Your Lab’s Strengths: Showcase your research environment, collaborative spirit, and opportunities for professional growth
Be Specific About Qualifications: Outline the required skills and experience, but also mention any preferred skills or areas of expertise
Simplify the Application Process: Make it easy for interested candidates to apply. Clearly state the application requirements (e.g., CV, cover letter, reference list) and offer different submission options like email or an online application form

By actively promoting open positions and providing a streamlined application process, you can attract a pool of talented researchers and find the perfect fit for your lab

Showcase your research impact

8. Showcase your research impact

Your research publications are a testament to your expertise and achievements. A well-curated publications page on your lab website can significantly boost your credibility.

Why curate your publications?

Focus & Clarity: A focused selection of your most impactful publications allows visitors to quickly grasp your research focus and key contributions.
Credibility Boost: Highlighting your best work demonstrates your research excellence and strengthens your scientific profile.
Attract Top Talent: Strong publications can attract talented students and researchers who want to be part of a high-impact lab.

How to curate your publications:

Focus on Relevance: Prioritize publications that align with your current research interests and lab mission.
Highlight Impactful Work: List your most prestigious publications, including those in high-ranking journals or those receiving significant citations.
Consider Audience: Tailor your selection based on your target audience. For a broader audience, focus on publications with clear explanations.

While a curated list is ideal for your website, you can also provide a link to your ORCID profile or Google Scholar page for a more comprehensive publication history. This allows visitors to delve deeper into your research endeavors if they’re interested.

By showcasing your publications strategically, you can effectively communicate your research impact and position your lab for success.

Ready to tell your research story and elevate your online presence? Building a dedicated lab website outside your institution might seem time-consuming initially, but the rewards are vast. A well-crafted website can attract talented collaborators, showcase your research to a wider audience, and position you as a leader in your field.

Empower yourself to take control of your research narrative! Get started today and contact us to start your lab website project! We will be more than happy to craft a lab website that not only reflects your research excellence but also propels your scientific journey forward.