Visual content that truly translate your science: Illustrations for lab websites

We create illustrations to better communicate your science. From logo for you lab brand to illustrations that convey your research scope

scientific illustrations for lab websites

Illustration in science to improve communication

A clear scientific idea is essential to engage everyone, from fellow researchers to students. Illustrations are a powerful tool in science communication. They can simplify complex concepts using clear shapes and colors. Additionally, It can showcase your research, lab culture, mission, and vision on your website, enhancing the storytelling of your scientific journey

Lab logo

Lab brand

Your mission as a principal investigator is the foundation upon which we build your lab brand. We create logo for labs and researchers that translate its values and research scope. Likewise the main goal is to craft an figure that is unique, memorable, and truly represents what you want to contribute in your field as an investigator in science

lab brand for professors, researchers and academics

Arboverse logo

Arbovirus universe brand identity

Arboverse is an open source platform about arbovirus that aims to be user friendly and accessible to anyone, from public health workers to academics. The main idea was to craft a logo that represents the expansion of knowledge in arbovirus, accessible to everyone, and with an enthusiastic and confident tone

Arboverse brand guide
Arboverse logo mockup
Arboverse logo mockup
Arboverse logo mockup
Arboverse logo mockup

Research scope

Plot my science designs illustrations for your science

Designing your science

We create illustrations for lab websites to better communicate your research scope and research interests. Visual content in science aligned with a clear texts can be a powerful tool to gain narrative about what you want to improve in your field and how you see your science impacting communities

De Souza Lab scope illustration

De Souza Lab fighting against viral threats

The De Souza Lab focuses on three main research areas in virology: Viral Discovery & Characterization, Viral Transmission Dynamics, and Virus-Host Interactions. To enhance communication on their lab website, we’ve created illustrations for each research area that align with the lab brand identity. The lab is also committed to training the next generation of researchers in an equitable and inclusive research environment. These values are further reinforced by the illustrations on De Souza Lab website

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